City Walk Filmwijk

Book the City Walk Filmwijk Almere and discover this exemplary neighborhood for innovation in residential construction.

The first part of the Filmwijk (Movie District) was developed for the BouwRai (Construction Industry Expo), which was held in 1992 on the initiative of the Dutch National Housing Council. This part of the neighbourhood is recognisable by the semicircular structure, like an old film canister. Architects were challenged to present innovative and challenging designs that would set trends for the future.

Ultimately, this led to the construction of a neighborhood where the designs were daring and stimulating. In addition, the designs produced innovations in building processes, standard materials and technology. This makes the Filmwijk still an exemplary neighbourhood for innovation in housing. Curious? Book the City Walk Filmwijk with guide.

Book the City Walk Filmwijk with guide online at VVV Almere. € 7.50 per person, minimum 4 people. The walk takes approximately 2 hours.