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Kinepolis cinema

Kinepolis is Almere’s cinema. This megacomplex has everything a cinema visitor could wish for. Luxury, lots of space and the tastiest refreshments. And of course the latest films. Also in 3D. With glasses that fit well!

How can you finish a day out better than at the cinema? Isn't it time to grab a movie with your friends? Of course you will never get that date if you don't ask her to go to the movies! Whether it is with family, friends or your sweetheart, at Kinepolis you are in the right place. The largest and nicest cinema in Almere!

Watch the film schedule of Kinepolis, the largest cinema in Almere!

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Opening times

  • Every monday at 12:00
  • Every tuesday at 10:00
  • Every wednesday at 10:00
  • Every thursday at 10:00
  • Every friday at 10:00
  • Every saturday at 10:00
  • Every sunday at 10:00
  • Note: opening times may be different during public holidays