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Yakult Europe B.V - Yakult Tour

Have you always wanted to take a look at the Yakult Factory? That is possible in Almere! During the Yakult Tour you can discover the entire process of the drink.

Grote Sloep
Sloop Rental

Upon request, Grotesloep.nl can organise sailing excursions in and around Almere on a larger boat which can accommodate up to 65 people and is available for hire by the day or part of a day.

KAF - Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland
Cultural organizations

Cabaret, music, musical, opera, theater, dance and youth theater can be found at KAF - Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland in Almere Centrum.

Outdoorpark SEC Almere
Outdoor and Survival

Company outing, bachelor party, teambuilding, club excursion or an active (children's) party? There are few better choices than Outdoor park SEC Almere.

Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film
Cultural organizations

Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film is the arts center of Almere. With various art on the program, there is something to discover for everyone.

Inline skates verhuur
Other rental

You can rent inline skates at VVV Almere in Almere center! It is very nice to discover Almere with skates.

Kinepolis cinema

Go to the cinema in Almere! With the latest movies, luxury, lots of space and the tastiest refreshments you are sure of a perfect night out!

Dubbel-Op restaurant

Enjoy with all your senses at restaurant Dubbel-Op in Almere! This cozy restaurant with a homely atmosphere ensures that you really enjoy it here.

Smullen en Spelen pancake house

Go eat delicious pancakes at Smullen en Spelen in Almere! Hospitality and outdoor games come together here and is a real party for all children.

Muiderzand Marina

Marina Muiderzand
IJmeerdijk 1

PIT safety museum

At the PIT safety museum, you can experience how important the work of police, fire brigade and ambulance service really is. This interactive safety exhibition is full of exciting historic exhibits, such as old police cars and fire engines.

Rosita's Mexican Restaurant

At Mexican restaurant Rosita’s in Almere Centrum, food is prepared according to traditional recipes. You can taste the characteristic and lively Mexican culture in the delicious dishes.


NUL36 is a cozy restaurant with a homely atmosphere in Almere Centrum. Take a visit for a nice lunch or coffee. Or for a pleasant drink or dinner with friends.

Fun Forest climbing park
Outdoor and Survival

Looking for an exceptional and challenging outing? Check out the packages at the Fun Forest climbing park.

Pallas Athene

Greek restaurant Pallas Athene in Almere welcomes you!

Thermen La Mer - Day Spa

Thermen La Mer - Day Spa
Scoutingpad 3

Chamavi Hamaland
Camp ground

Chamavi Hamaland
Lijsterweg 4

The pancake ship Almere Haven

Fancy pancakes? Then you are in the right place with 't Pannekoekschip. You will find this ship in Almere Haven, where you can eat the tastiest pancakes.

Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre

Modern, futuristic and centrally located; that about sums up Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre. The hotel is located adjacent to the KAF Theatre and around the corner from all the major shops.

Van der Valk Hotel Almere

Peace and quiet, space and relaxation? Always on tap at the modern Van der Valk Hotel Almere.

Animal park Almere Jungle

Almere Jungle is a unique animal park in Almere with hundreds of exotic animals! Experience it too.

De Beren restaurant

What are you going to eat tonight? Come and eat well at De Beren in Almere Centrum.

Restaurant Hudson Bar and Kitchen

On the nicest square of Almere Centrum, the Belfort, you will find the American restaurant Hudson Bar & Kitchen for a delicious lunch, dinner or cocktail.

Haddock sailing school

Haddock Water sports in Almere, the versatile water sports center is located at the Gooimeerdijk in Almere Haven. Haddock Watersport rents canoes from the new address and motor boats and Sailboats, type Valk, from the harbor area in Almere Haven.