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Almere Haven beach

Almere Haven beach is a sandy strand, located on the outskirts of Almere Haven. The beach is extremely suitable for families. You can have something to eat and drink at the Di Lago beach pavilion. Toilet facilities are available.

Fantasie beach

The Fantasie beach is located behind Oorweg/Bergsmapad at the Weerwater lake. You can enjoy great views of Almere's skyline from the grassy slopes of the Fantasie beach. The Fantasie beach offers diverse water sports facilities

Almeerder beach

The Almeerderstrand is the largest beach in Almere. You can swim and sunbathe here. Large events also regularly take place

Strandbad Duin

Strandbad Duin is located at the south end of the marina. This is a great-fun place; a small beach where children can run around, splash and swim to their hearts' content.

't Hoofd beach

You will find this beach on the Noorderplassen lake. Toilet facilities are available. The beach is particularly suitable for water sports.

Lumiére beach

Beach The Lumiére beach is located in the Filmwijk district between Lumiérepad and Fellinilaan.

Stedenwijk beach

The Stedenwijk beach is located in Almere Stad close to Hengelostraat/Oeverpromenade. There are excellent views over the Weerwater lake and the centre of Almere is only five minutes' walk away. Toilet facilities are available.

Noorderplassen beach

Noorderplassen beach is located behind the Hogering on the edge of the Waterwijk district. Toilet facilities available.