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Visit the Yakult factory in Almere! In 1935, the scientist Dr. Minoru Shirota put the first bottles of Yakult on the market in Japan. In 1994 the little one Yakult was produced for the first time in Europe, in Almere. Since that time the production location for the entire European market has been here. The special thing is that you can visit the factory yourself. You are very welcome for a Yakult Tour.

You will be welcomed by one of the dietitians who will tell you more about the fascinating history and the special ingreditens. Then they show you the different parts of the production process from start to finish. Such as the so-called delivery room of the Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacterium and the filling and caps of the bottles, which happens at a furious pace. Of course Yakult will also be tasted and you get a well-filled goodie bag.

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