Water sports in Almere

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Amorgos - Sailing

Amorgos is all about sailing fun. We enjoy doing just that, whether this is in sunny (sub) tropical climates or on the IJsselmeer or Wadden Sea.

Flyboard Almere

Flyboarding on Almere's waters. Leap like a dolphin or take to the air like Superman? Possible! Powerful water jets shoot flyboarders through the water, or high into the air before plummeting them back into the waves; enormous fun!


Flyboarding is classed as an ‘extreme sport’, however the basics are quite safe and easy to learn for young and old alike.

Cablepark VIEW Almere

Calling all (water-based) thrill-seekers! Spend a day whizzing around the Weerwater lake on waterskis or a wakeboard, aided by a kilometre-long cable track that allows users to reach speeds of up to 30km/ph.

Haddock Watersport

Haddock Water sports in Almere, the versatile water sports center is located at the Gooimeerdijk in Almere Haven. Haddock Watersport rents canoes from the new address and motor boats and Sailboats, type Valk, from the harbor area in Almere Haven.


Just fifteen minutes to Volendam for some delicious fish or ice cream? Easy, with speeds pushing 100 km per hour! Snelle Rib organises trips on the lakes for water speed lovers.